Q: What is the Cancellation Policy?

A: If you wish to cancel there will be a cancellation fee (plus 5% admin fee) that increases depending on how close to the trip you cancel. If it is 24 hours - 30 days after booking, the fee is 10%. Thereafter to 91 days before prior to the event, the fee is 40%. Lastly, 90 days or less to the event dat, the fee is 100%. For the fine print contact info.greekweek@gmail.com.

Q: Can I buy Travel Insurance?

A: The Greek Week and the Yacht Week do not sell or provide travel insurance. We suggest buying Extended Travel Disruption Insurance (ex: AIG Cancel for Any Reason Insurance).

Q: Do you offer an Installment Payment Plan?

A: Yes, we do! Send an installment plan request via info.greekweek@gmail.com or call 410-292-4109.

Q: Are you affiliated with The Yacht Week?

A: Yes, our trip is organized through the Yacht Week. They provide the boats, staff, and more. We bring the Greeks and add-ons for the private event to run seamlessly. 

Q: When does booking end?

A: All bookings end May 20th, 2022 at midnight EST.  

Q: Are there any other fees to know about?

A: Yes, there will be boat gas fees (must be paid in cash upon trip end to the skipper). Also, there will be a grocery run at the beginning of the trip to gather supplies. Also, your boat must tip the host and skipper.

Q: Do I have to sign waivers?

A: Yes, any legal waiver and/or legal documents will be signed through email correspondence with the Yacht Week after you book, but some are saved for Check-In Day in Greece. 

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